Flexible rent payments for tenants

- Split rent into 2-4 smaller payments over the month (NEW)
- Catch up with missed rent when you can
- Pay off your security deposit over time

Setting up takes less than 1 minute!


Flexible Online Rent Payments

Make monthly rent payments directly from your bank account.
Pay rent once a month or use FlexRent to split the rent payment into 2-4 smaller payments during the month - your landlord gets paid once a month.
You will love the extra flexibility!

Pay Off Missed Rent

Make paying off missed rent easier.
Create an installment plan to catch up with missed rent payments when you can.

Pay Security Deposits Over Time

Spend less on move-in costs.
Offer your landlord to pay the security deposit over time.

FlexRent makes rent up to 4x times easier for american renters.

Split your monthly rent payment into 2-4 payments over the month. Your landlord gets paid once a month.

No loans, no background checks, no extra hustle and you'll love the extra flexiblity!
"A few years ago when I was on variable income and I was able to start paying rent 3 times per month.
It made a world of difference to me.

FlexRent was inspired by our team's own experience with rent payments and we hope it will help others the way it helped us."

Alex Pelin, co-founder at Xspaced.
Brewing in Oakland ❤️ CA.