The 1st US Neobank for your renters

With an Xspaced Virtual Bank Account your renters can:

- Save money for the next rent payment 2-4 times a month
- Pay anywhere you collect rent online
- Get automated payment reminders
- Receive fast support

Increase your NOI and keep your prefered rent collection platform.
You don't have to register with Xspaced!

No matter the size of your portfolio


units or less




units or more
We have built a modern rental payment platform to help your business grow. And the best part, you don't need to do anything!
With Xspaced, your tenants will get the best customer experience, and a full-service support team.

How it works

  • Tenants create an Xspaced Account

    Your tenants open an Xspaced Virtual Bank Account account and connect their existing bank account.
  • Start saving for next month's rent

    Tenants use FlexRent to make 2-4 smaller payments during the month towards their next monthly rent payment.

    Payments will be made from their bank account into their Xspaced account.
    Think of it as their rent savings account. Your tenants will love the extra flexibility!
  • Get paid

    Renters connect their Xspaced account anywhere you collet rent online.
    The rent payment will be automatically made from their Xspaced account to you.

    You don't need to create an Xspaced account!
    All you have to do is send your tenants a link to Xspaced.

    Please keep in mind that Xspaced won't be paying rent on behalf of your tenants. Instead we'll help them set money aside for the next rent payment.


What is Xspaced?
Xspaced is a virtual bank account that helps tenants budget for rent payments in a simple and automated way.

Thousands of tenants in the US already use Xspaced to make rent payment easier.
How do flexible rent payments work?
Tenants choose to make 2, 3 or 4 smaller payments during the month towards their next monthly rent payment.

Payments will be made from their existing bank account into their Xspaced account.

Once they connect their Xspaced account to your online rent collecting service (Entrata, Appfolio, RentCafe, etc.), you will receive the rent payment from their Xspaced account on the rent due date.
Does Xspaced pay for rent and tenants repay you back?

We are not able to make rent payments on behalf of tenants at this time.

Xspaced works as a budgeting tool that helps tenants set money aside for their upcoming rent payment. It's a simple and effective way to make rent payments easier, used by thousands of renters in the US.
Do I have to collect rent on Xspaced?
No. Technically you don't have to do anything!

Your tenants can register for Xspaced alone.

You can continue to receive the rent payments on your online rent payment service of choice (Entrata, Appfolio, RentCafe, etc).
Who uses Xspaced?
Xspaced is built for:
  • - Gig workers;
  • - Nurses;
  • - Hospitality workers,
  • and anyone else who can benefit from extra flexibiliy for their rent payments.
    How much does it cost?
    We are proud to be one of the most transparent and afforable Flexible Rent Payments services in the US. Xspaced is cheaper than most lattes!

    Flexible rent payments are avaiable via 2 subscription plans:
  • - FlexRent Plus (split rent into 2 payments) for only $3.99/m;
  • - FlexRent Premium (split rent into 3 or 4 payments) for only $5.99/m.

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