A modern payments platform for rentals

In this uncertain rental landscape, Xspaced makes rent payments more flexbile then ever:
- automate rent
- receive missed rent via installment plans
- collect security deposits over time

Increase your NOI today, setting up takes less than 1 minute and it's free!

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No matter the size of your portfolio


units or less




units or more
We have built a modern rental payment platform to help your business grow.
With Xspaced, you’ll get the best customer experience, and a full-service support team.

Rent Payments

Receive monthly rent payments directly to your bank account.
Connect multiple bank accounts.
Add additional, one time or monthly fees, besides rent.

Missed rent

Increase your chances to collect missed payments.
Create an installment plan to help your tenants catch up with missed rent payments when they can.

Security deposits

Rent properties faster and help your tenants move in easier.
Gain competitive advantage with flexbile move-in terms.
Offer the option to collect security deposits over time.

Flexible Rent payments

(coming soon)
Flexbiel payments = more timely rent payments.
Your tenants split their monthly rent payment into smaller payments over the month. You get paid once a month.
No partial payments, no extra hustle and your tenants will love it!
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